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On Media is a book on modern critical philosophy. It comes as the first of five dialogues destined to see philosophy in a new light, presented under its original form of spoken word. It entertains the idea of Media being an environment to the contemporary mind unfolding in its allusive omnipresence.

“This can mean we always have a subjective and personal vision of the world, but also that we are able to render an externalized, somewhat “objective” display of reality.

The latter we do by consolidating our perceptions from personal to communal in the shared space of media.

Since modernity claimed that reality can be objectively apprehended and known, the objective and not the personal rendition of the world is preferred by the modern mind. It gives us the security that things are what they are, and not what we think of them.

The transmission of individual reality perceptions in search of communicable objectiveness, in the broadest sense of the concept, we call media.”

Who is “On Media”, a book on critical philosophy, for? This is the short description found of the book on Amazon, where it is also available for purchase.

The young need to know. They are ever more curious about the world, yet the questions of profound significance to human nature and condition are rarely discussed in a manner they would understand and materialise in daily life through thinking and practical action. And that is exactly what youth inherently wants to do. These series of philosophical books represent an attempt to critically analyse reality from the perspective of the young minds, who brave to think their own thoughts!

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