Life: A Play


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Life a Play is a theatre drama, set in the same external surroundings, yet offering a completely new answers to the questions which the actors see in an environment which never consciously interacts with them.

The scene offers innumerable variations of interpretation, and the characters take the ones closest to their hears and minds.

The four men are in their childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. They share their thoughts with the emptiness of the beautiful, serene scenery, where they have ventured to find peace and solitude.

At the sight of the same external stimuli, some exalt in happiness, while others are full of contempt and remorse.

They speak openly, revealing each life passage hardship and secret desire, while walking on the path of life.

Instead of human interaction, the play relies on actors such as places and natural phenomena to invoke emotional reaction from the lonely travellers.

The text is structured in monologues, in which each character represents its own idea of the world and the life they aspire to have.

Life: A play is a theatre drama, depicting four men in different stages of their life. It sets a dramatic and human account of emotions. The stories are compelling and full of life teachings, which are to be learnt or are already acquired in the course of each person’s lifepath. There is a compelling similarity and dissonance between the monologues of the speakers. In their words is hidden the truth about their knowledge of life. And the way they have managed to play it.

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