What do you believe in?

– How could I agree that the form of rule is irrelevant and only liberties as practical impersonation of freedom justify the need of government? Well, I esteem this is not a legit claim at all! I walk and talk and socialize, and when I do, I listen. That is great part of our vocation as thinkers. I need a critically assessed feedback from reality at all times. And what I see in this Faculty of Thought, and not only here but at all venues of critical inquiry, is the belief in one intricately concocted truth, formulated and reserved for the learned mind, elevated to the state of a self-fulfilling prophesy.


From”The Young Philosopers. On Government.”


From “On Government”

– Indeed, Daniel, our wise lady here is right. – The inquirer admitted. – If we were in the condition of submersion under another will’s control, the political process would still exist, but quite limited to the obnoxious forms of tyranny and despotism. However, we witness much cleverer means of control where the individual is led to believe that its will is of utmost importance for the institutionalized order, thus being shrewdly manipulated that it is in control of the government and not the other way around.

From “The Young Philosophers. On Government”cropped-chess-1483735_1920.jpg