Learn with every step!

Everything around you is there to teach you a lesson! If you take things for gtranted or accept happenings as accidental, you risk to miss the great signs life is sending your way; it will keep sending them until they are noticed, appreciated, and, eventually, learnt. Everything you encounter has a story and a special way to communicate it. Listen, observe and learn as you go on your Way!natural-2383460

Lesson 21 – Speak less, listen more.

People have a lot to say. Some are full of wisdom, others not so much. Yet, their experience is unique and, in a way, relevant to the Jourhey you are bound to make. So, listen to them! Not all that you will hear shall be worthy of trust and acceptance, but that, on its own right, is a good lesson for you. Everything you hear will teach you a lesson, what to do and what not to. Even in their lies, people reveal themselves. Be ready to accept and deny, and by doing so, to grow. Just listen!


There is nothing better than love!

You may earn a lot by being deceitful and mean, it is true. That is how the world would seem to you on many occasions. It would appear that the only people who make any profit and prosper in this cruel reality of men are the ones who bluntly push and fight to make their way, rudely and aggressively. And in a way, they achieve a lot. They are materially indulged with objects which others cannot afford but what stays away from their negative energy is love and appreciation. They live in their castles of things. These people have everything except genuine human connection. And what is it all worth, if there is no one to love and to share with?


Don’t stop dreaming!

Dreams are the portal to your deepest consciousness. You may not even realize what treasures are hidden inside them. They come from a place where reality intertwines with the self and forms the most amazing of all possible realms – our imagination. There, in its formidable secretive womb, our thoughts are mingled and set free from the boundaries and limitations of the world outside and this new extraorinary reality becomes ours and ours only. That, my friend, is your world of wonder; your private kingdom of creation. This is where your will and the world become one whole. So, dream, and create realities!