There is nothing better than love!

You may earn a lot by being deceitful and mean, it is true. That is how the world would seem to you on many occasions. It would appear that the only people who make any profit and prosper in this cruel reality of men are the ones who bluntly push and fight to make their way, rudely and aggressively. And in a way, they achieve a lot. They are materially indulged with objects which others cannot afford but what stays away from their negative energy is love and appreciation. They live in their castles of things. These people have everything except genuine human connection. And what is it all worth, if there is no one to love and to share with?



Don’t stop dreaming!

Dreams are the portal to your deepest consciousness. You may not even realize what treasures are hidden inside them. They come from a place where reality intertwines with the self and forms the most amazing of all possible realms – our imagination. There, in its formidable secretive womb, our thoughts are mingled and set free from the boundaries and limitations of the world outside and this new extraorinary reality becomes ours and ours only. That, my friend, is your world of wonder; your private kingdom of creation. This is where your will and the world become one whole. So, dream, and create realities!


Truth lies in balance!

– I believe age to be a vital factor in education, because we do form in different pace and ways in the course of our lifetimes. There is something fundamentally true about our nature and it is that it’s unfolding in time. The true potential of the human modus cannot be exhibited all at once but is developed with patience and perseverance. This, as you very well know, is the prime objective of education – to grasp the moments of enlightenment’s need and to direct them into the right end of accomplishment. What is the first step one should take, as we very well established so far in our discussion, is the initial equal distribution of the attention towards the development of all the faculties of apprehension we are bestowed with. And that would include, together with the now overemphasized thought and memory, emotion and motivational vocation as well. The primal steps into life should be guided with the ideal of proportionality and equal distribution of attention to the core human abilities.

From “The Young Philosophers. On Education”


Lesson 20 – Do with love!

Everything you create should be made, if you want to set it firmly in this world, with the touch of love! That is the way to send the creations of your interior depth to the world, in expectation to receive the same and thus to grow ever more creatively, supported by the community of the caring others you have found on your way of realization, in spirit of accord and understanding. If you think and make all things in the spirit of sharing and treasuring love and joy, then you will be embraced by the same spirit, and its comforting fluid energy will keep coming back to you from everywhere you go. Good and joy are consequences of love!cropped-flowers-2903319_1920.jpg

From “Existentialism Is a Humanism” by Sartre

The word “subjectivism” is to be understood in two senses, and our adversaries play upon only one of them. Subjectivism means, on the one hand, the freedom of the individual subject and, on the other, that man cannot pass beyond human subjectivity. It is the latter which is the deeper meaning of existentialism. When we say that man chooses himself, we do mean that every one of us must choose himself; but by that we also mean that in choosing for himself he chooses for all men. For in effect, of all the actions a man may take in order to create himself as he wills to be, there is not one which is not creative, at the same time, of an image of man such as he believes he ought to be. To choose between this or that is at the same time to affirm the value of that which is chosen; for we are unable ever to choose the worse. What we choose is always the better; and nothing can be better for us unless it is better for all. If, moreover, existence precedes essence and we will to exist at the same time as we fashion our image, that image is valid for all and for the entire epoch in which we find ourselves. Our responsibility is thus much greater than we had supposed, for it concerns mankind as a whole. If I am a worker, for instance, I may choose to join a Christian rather than a Communist trade union. And if, by that membership, I choose to signify that resignation is, after all, the attitude that best becomes a man, that man’s kingdom is not upon this earth, I do not commit myself alone to that view. Resignation is my will for everyone, and my action is, in consequence, a commitment on behalf of all mankind. Or if, to take a more personal case, I decide to marry and to have children, even though this decision proceeds simply from my situation, from my passion or my desire, I am thereby committing not only myself, but humanity as a whole, to the practice of monogamy. I am thus responsible for myself and for all men, and I am creating a certain image of man as I would have him to be. In fashioning myself I fashion man.


Existentialism Is a Humanism

Jean-Paul Sartre 1946