Religions have always been widely spread among men, overcoming the boundaries of time and levels of abstraction, since they dealt with the matters of the self and time, the past and the future, the thinking and the being, in one unifying, holistic manner.

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Meditation over the psyche in the ages has taught us that fear is one of the most concerning emotions, which not only imposes frustration and anxiety against the world, but also induces its agent with the pathogen of aggression.

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Home is not a name on the map; it is a birthmark on the soul.

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Home is a mark on the soul.


Time, you see, is the core of human stasis. The root of human perception is centered around the interpretation of the dissolution of time. I am not the first to claim that life, among all, is the moment of possession of a self. It is the realized and meaningful duration of the self’s time. Passing is laden with meaning and estimation. Time is the canvass of life’s realization, the presence of man and the world altogether.

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How to make friends?

How to make friends?

Have you experienced difficulties getting close with others? Are you shying away from people’s company or just value your alone time but still crave meaningful human connection? Here are some things you can do to improve your social skills and befriend easily those whom you like.

  1. Be genuine. The most important thing in any future relationship is honesty and openness. Even if you doubt the high value of your personal qualities, let the others choose for themselves what friends they want to be surrounded with. Allow yourself the luxury to shine with your own light and you will draw the right people to you with your unique personality and special disposition.
  2. Be reliable and generous. One should always consider the interests of those that they care about. Give friends your time, attention and helping hand. If somebody knows they can lean on you in time of hardship, then they will count on you and regard you as a true friend. Give and support are the two essential ingredients of building trust, the most vital cohesion of any relationship.
  3. Stay loyal. There are billions of people in this world and too many of them are highly interesting and attractive. It is normal to be drawn to popular and extraordinary people but do not let your friends down because you have found somebody new, only to realize that they were a short-lived, temporary fascination. If you betray a friend, the trust could never be restored in its initial state. Meaningful relationships grow in time and only they stand to its test.
  4. Criticize and support. A real friend will always slam you with the truth and never speak of your faults behind your back. Criticism is a part of every mature relationship and the other should understand that only a true friend would criticize because they want to help and consider options of improvement. Support your friends in their time of making hard decisions and be there when they are at their lowest. Having fun means you do well together, but surviving the storms of life is what makes you real friends.
  5. Listen and show care. Sometimes all a person needs is a warm hug and the ear of a good listener. Advise them only when they ask. Do that for your friends and that will consolidate your bond even further. Be there when they say they need you. One proves their worth by acts and not by words of care. Demonstrate your friendship to the world with pride!
  6. Learn to forgive. We all make mistakes; that is human nature. If the intent was malicious and to a harmful effect, no one should be forgiven, but if they meant no wrong, then a true friend is to show understanding and acceptance for the mistake when there is repentance and willingness to change. All friendships hit a moment where the ability to forgive is tested and if not developed, that beautiful connection will dissolve.
  7. Have fun together. Friends share their wildest thoughts and deepest secrets because they have been through everything together. But the most significant sign there is a genuine friendship is the natural inclination of people to spend time together simply because they enjoy it! When you find those who make your heart sing, do not let them go! They are the hardest to find. True friends are never too many and are the biggest treasure one can have.

So find them, keep them and enjoy their precious presence!

This is how you make friends!

How to be successful?

How to be successful?

Being successful is a question of mindset. It is not, as many would think, objectively measurable in money, luxurious possessions, influence or titles of high social standing. If you want to know what can help you reach your ideal self faster, then read on.

  1. Organize your time. Whatever you do, the reason you may find your efforts unproductive is the way you organize your tasks and see your goals through. Time is vital for any project execution. Make a plan and follow it. Make lists and note the accomplished. Establish a daily routine and do not falter. Well-organized people are way more effective than those relying on chance and improvisation, to which they keep an open mind but never solely rely.
  2. Set goals. Diversify and prioritize. A successful mind is a highly productive source of ideas and creations. It is vital to be able to choose and focus in timely manner on the task at hand, regardless of the immense amount of suggestions which evade the mind. There is always something more and less important. A successful man knows how to distinct between the two regarding their feasibility and importance. That is why he clearly defines his immediate and lifelong goals, extracting them from the endless ocean of alluring possibilities. He makes a big dream come true by turning it into a chain of smaller, realizable tasks, marking a progress with every step on his long way.
  3. Do as many things as you can. Yes, that is right. A productive mind is never lazy. What is more, it is always invigorated by a new concept or idea while entertaining the tasks at hand. A successful mind is a curious explorer never settling for what’s given. You have to diversify your interests and constantly broaden your horizons. That means also physically performing as many tasks as you can. A sound mind lives in a sound body. Keep your health, shape and mental condition always at their best by engaging your body and mind in diverse and fascinating activities.
  4. Be good at everything you do. If you settle for mediocrity, then mediocrity will be your best. Aim as high as you can and never be completely satisfied with the achieved. That does not mean to become greedy – on the contrary. A successful man is grateful for everything they have, yet never stop aspiring for personal development and social evolution.
  5. Help others. No one can be really successful in an ambience of misery and overall lack of progress. Evolution is a group process that involves our whole environment; the successful person knows that and aims at bettering the conditions of growth for everyone. The mind of a champion does not fear competition but welcomes it as the natural engine of faster and more effective development.
  6. Think for the future. Every winner is a visionary. Such people don’t dwell on the past. They learn its lessons and move on to create the vision of the world they hold in their hearts. They are not dragged by the painful memories of past failures but are driven ever forward by chasing their ideal for the future. The mindset of a champion is persistent and never gives up, regardless of the obstacles and errors, and always finds a way to stand up and move forward to see their vision fulfilled.
  7. Believe in yourself. No matter what you do, in your personal and professional life, define the most significant desire, turn it into a realizable goal, and commit to it with all your heart. You will be your decisions biggest supporter and most ardent defender. Your belief should not falter and become the contagious flame that would ignite others to believe in your vision, too!

That is how you become a successful person!