How are we “framed”?

I shall start and we’ll see where it will all go. First, I feel I must point out that education is a constituting activity of establishing the fundamental patterns which would direct the operation of the mind as a whole; exactly as we claimed it to be – it is formation, rooted and aimed into the shaping of the mind itself. We may think of it as the rendition of institutionalized forms of accredited knowledge or as the transmission of established conceptual views through time, and these notions are all inherent to the educational domain, but first and foremost, to me, education is the one way devised by the mind to shape other minds within the frame of social acceptance and expectancy.




“The mind apprehends the world in categories comprising notions which belong to a higher level of objectiveness. It is a non-observable form of objectification, fuelled by the experience of the external itself, surpassing the tangibility of the singularities into an alignment produced by the cohesive force of the thought, achievable only to the mind. Abstraction is seeing what is not there but present beyond the object. Abstraction is the ability to see qualities and relations where there are only things. On top of that, it is an innate faculty, we are all given and may develop throughout life, and for that it is also a controlled process.”

From “On Immigration”

The Young Philosophers Cycle


Let things go!

Learn to let go! Of things, of memories, of people, even of the self you used to be. Life is a play of constant alterations and letting go is the only mechanism through which change may occur and life may move forward. There are a few things, however, that will remain constant in your life, even as the scenery of the surrounding changes with every move you make. These are the companions which are closest to your heart, and you – to theirs. The big secret to life is that what belongs to you will never reveal itself – you can find it only as time unfolds.