The Blossom


Welcome to my page! I write under the unusual  pseudonym of Antheya, which would be the translation of my even more unusual real name into old Greek, a tongue, I find fascinating as tradition, meaning and sound, which helps it transcend the idea of the immanent presence and elate to the eternity of concepts and values beyond the singularity of the personal experience of human existence.

My first book, which I humbly decided to present to the broader public, is called Requiem for the Death of my Mother, which, unlike the connotation brought immediately by the title, I consider to be a highly positive work, reaffirming the state of humanity, placed on the perspective of the realization of the human in the ever-changing cycles of the Being.

It is a holistic venture to the realm of the ultimate unknown, yet deeply felt and anticipated. I hope you have the courage and plunge into this experience with me!