How to find the Right Partner?

How to find the right partner?

Are you in the search for the right partner? Do not worry, so is everyone on this planet. Finding the one may not be easy but it is certainly worth the efforts.

  1. See beyond attraction. Being physically attracted to someone may feel very intense and uncontrollable. People mistaken that passionate lift for love and often feel disappointed when it ends, shuttering their dreams and hearts. It is vital that one sees the traits of passion and infatuation and recognizes them as such – it is very likely that love would grow from such intense feeling, but it takes much more than mere attraction to be realized as love.
  2. Work hard to make it happen. Once you have found someone you are genuinely attracted to, you have to start building a relationship so that you can be the right partner for them. You are not the right one, you become one! Building a relation takes constant effort and change and requires a lot of understanding, mutual growth and compromises. It will be your biggest investment of time, effort, and personal resources. If you are not ready to make this commitment, don’t expect to get much from the relationship at hand.
  3. Be equal and be different. To establish a meaningful connection there should be a sense of equal importance between the two partners. No one is more or less than the other in regards to significance and impact on the relationship. There are no masters and servants when it comes to love. However, that does not mean that we should be treating each other in the same way. That means that it is just fine if the one is more assertive while the other – more obedient and gentle. While your hobbies and interests may not be all the same, find a way to respect your loved one’s free time and enjoy doing as many things as you can it together.
  4. Follow the dynamics of your bond. Every relationship is different. Do not look at others and listen to them when it comes to matters of your heart. You know best how to commit to your significant other and that is the exact reason they chose you to be their soul’s companion. Your relationship is unique and you should not try to make it follow some expected patterns and traditions. If you nurture the genuine bond that made attracted, then you would have a long and mutually fulfilling relationship.
  5. Love your partner as they want to be loved. That is an old physiological find – one loves quietly, other – possessively, third – from a distance, forth – passionately and obsessively. Do not try to change that! If you love your partner, you will try to find what their preferred way to commit is and allow them to love you as they best can, as you expect the same in return. Your lover is your best friend – treat them with understanding of who they are and encourage them to unfold and develop their true personality.
  6. Do not become dependent on your partner. There is a fine line between passionate love and suffocating neediness. Do not cross it! Have your own interests, friends, engagements, resources. Love does not hurt, but helps and nurtures. Have fun with your lover, not scandals and rows. Your loved one will always respect you for your independence and ability to cope with life. A strong and self-realized partner is what everyone craves for. Building a relationship with a person who knows their worth and value keeps respect between partners alive and brings pride of such commitment. Be positive, genuine and honest, in the relationship and with the rest of the world.
  7. Be loyal and give freedom. Do not play games. Show your partner they are exclusive and be true to your declarations of love. Give them air to breathe and free space to develop and they will always come back for more. Remember – love is not a prison but a nest. If you are able to nurture a relationship where mutual growth is promoted then you will have a lover and a friend, for life.

In love the more you give, the more you get! If you feel that natural and elevating flow, then you have found the right one.


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