Truth lies in balance!

– I believe age to be a vital factor in education, because we do form in different pace and ways in the course of our lifetimes. There is something fundamentally true about our nature and it is that it’s unfolding in time. The true potential of the human modus cannot be exhibited all at once but is developed with patience and perseverance. This, as you very well know, is the prime objective of education – to grasp the moments of enlightenment’s need and to direct them into the right end of accomplishment. What is the first step one should take, as we very well established so far in our discussion, is the initial equal distribution of the attention towards the development of all the faculties of apprehension we are bestowed with. And that would include, together with the now overemphasized thought and memory, emotion and motivational vocation as well. The primal steps into life should be guided with the ideal of proportionality and equal distribution of attention to the core human abilities.

From “The Young Philosophers. On Education”



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  1. The Goddess Mother Time would agree with you more when we learn it is time we owe for every day of this tour..

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