The Young Philosophers. On Media

– Freedom in media leads to the insignificance of the self-expressive narrative due to the overflow of similar unfiltered information. – Ashton agreed, hardly making out the silhouettes of the girls in the thickening dusk. – Freedom in media means the acceptance of the fact that even if our story is heard it would make no difference, since the relentless current of stories will immediately confront it with others which would duplicate, resemble, doubt or contradict it. But these are the rules of the defragmented expression on the freedom canvass in the multitude of narratives; the idea of deliberated abundance of expressive conduits manifests the fluid constitution of our times’ social contract. With its demand for passive observance, media has become a buffer to social action and impediment to active conduct in the evolutive search of freedom. Freedom is now not in the action; it is in the word. The liberty of expression is not something to fight for and protect; it is a sophisticated issue to contemplate on and verbally debate. Practically, media has become the opposite of freedom. Whilst it was conceived to be the tribune to open speech and articulate deliberation, it converted to a vacuum for values, where these openly performed enactments of liberty were captivated deprived of their vigor and potency to effectively change human condition and reality. Freedom is a concept of meaningfulness; it is a moral concept. And to see freedom enacted in the lack of morality is to simply acclaim the liberation of all, regardless of its virtue and merits. Freedom nowadays represents the guardian of the status quo legitimizing the now-existing moment, encapsulated in the passively observed reality; a pretext to alleviate the pressure that otherwise would transform society profoundly by inciting its conscious elements to take action. Freedom in media is now, too, a story on its own as well as an all-originating refrain, a tune underlying all melodies’ modulations, repeated incessantly by the unanimous choir of the chronicle makers.



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