From “On Education”

– How insightful, Aristo! – Jeremy acclaimed sincerely. He truly admired his friend’s poetic affiliation. – The faculties are many and differ in nature and evolvement. What is the memory? Isn’t it the inert content of our accumulated experience from the touch with the world and others? A collected space of residual emotions related to our reaction to the interference with both the extraneousness and the self. A mass of knowledge inherent to us and to us only. Memory is the Great library of our personality; the knowledge exclusively experienced by comprehension of the world formed in our unique place and time. Memory is the imperfect yet colossal store of accumulated thoughts and emotions, intertwined in profuse multitude of threads, influenced by the impact of the exterior we have granted meaningfulness to. – The others listened carefully to the now inspired Jeremy. – Emotions lie beneath it, as a canvass and a nest all faculties are to be ingrained to and grow from. Emotions are extreme and overpowering, uncontrollable by any other of the faculties they are the nucleus of. Sensitivity is both our physical and intelligible expression. To some extent, it is the unique manifestation of possessing and experiencing life.



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