Lesson 19 – Don’t fear depth!

Depth is enticing, engulfing, engrossing and absorbing. It belongs to nowhere in particular. Depth is personal. And fictional. It does not exist anywhere else but in your own imagination; yet there it rules over all superficialities. Depth is the bottom line and the starting point of everything. Depth is scary but so is beauty, and love, and commitment. Once inside it, depth becomes so intriguing, we do not want to find the way back from its enlightening remoteness from the world. It is alluringly frightening. Do not step away from depth’s inviting abyss! Because at its bottom, abide nothing else but YOU! If “knowing thyself” is what you want to achieve, then you must brave and be ready to face what the hidden truth your depth has to reveal, to you and to you only, about what that you really is. cropped-monk-555391.jpg


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