Writing Adventures

I am starting to write something completely new for me, although I have always enjoyed reading the genre, so, hopefully, the creative process would run as smoothly as ever.

This time I am going to invent worlds, not explain the one that I am so familiar with.

It is, I can feel it, going to be a great adventure!

New Year, New Ideas!

Life. A Play

I am happy to announce that my latest project is released on Amazon today, August 6, 2019!

It depicts four men, in different stages of their lives, who find themselves surrounded by the same external settings and circumstances. The ways they react to their immediate environment are a priceless proof of our ability to emotionally connect and interpret reality, documented in the fascinating monologues of the artwork. This piece, set for theatrical stage, will demonstrate to you that Life, indeed, is a serious play.

Needless to say, I would be most excited to see it set on stage, so if any of you is willing to perform it, be sure you have my permission and full support!

The book will be free for you from August 7 until August 11!


Freedom is a modulator and qualifier of human actions, the choice to claim the self from the depths that were given and direct it consciously towards the future that is still unmade.

From “On Immigration”

Freedom is a choice.